Hey there!

iLizwi is a dynamic new student operated publication based in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

As students, we have long felt that our political environment has been in a state of disarray. Apart from the outspoken politicians we see in the media, the most vocal of the opinions are arguably still vestiges of an older school of thought.

On campus, we feel that the platforms where we gather information and that are used for discourse are either nonexistent or overrun by previous-generational conservatism. In essence, we feel South African progressivism lacks a voice outside academia (and Facebook comment threads).

This situation has caused many young people to assume an indifferent or apathetic attitude towards political and social issues.

We will try to address the need for progressive discourse through iLizwi, a new publication and platform based in Stellenbosch that embodies the voice of the young generation.

Our mission is to be a platform for review, opinion, and discourse regarding all relevant issues in South Africa. We wish to publish the work of amateur and professional journalists of diverse backgrounds and varying personal and political persuasions, orientations and opinions.

We hope to be a hub for debate, rational discourse and the interchange of ideas. We wish to expose the public to new and refreshing perspectives on not only politics, but also art and current events. We also see potential for collaborating with the many societies at Stellenbosch University, as well as various academic departments.

The organization of the iLizwi team is non-hierarchical as far as possible. What “management” exists, is primarily for administrative purposes. We will not prescribe opinions to our writers and will provide guidance for the usage of the platform. We will also strive to stay independent from any political influence.

As a team, we are incredibly excited to be a part of the future of discourse and, indeed, our country.

Please visit our contact page for any queries, suggestions or comments.