Aus’ Agnes is that typically loud, extra, zero f’s given, neighbourhood tea spiller, Michael-Jackson-eating-popcorn aunt; who refers to everyone as their child. Aus’ Agnes is that family member who will defend you when your parents are bad mouthing you to other relatives. They are that relative that gives teddy bear hugs and is constantly asking if you want something to eat or drink.

A 2-minute conversation with Aus’ Agnes is 2 hours long and, while you may hint at the time, you always cherish and appreciate the conversation they give you. Aus’ Agnes is your favourite relative who sees you, not for what society wants you to be, but for who you actually are. Aus’ Agnes only cares about how you are in the present moment and is willing to invest their everything in you because you are valuable. Aus’ Agnes hopes to help you answer questions that society would not normally have the patience to answer and to connect you with people that can find the pots (coz like you, I’m not perfect mos).

If you want Aus’ Agnes to “Iyanla fix [your] life” please occupy my inbox at and I’ll accept you with open and loving arms. I know that the idea of sharing your story with someone you may not trust yet can be scary but don’t be afraid. Ask a friend to send your story on your behalf and sign off your story with a name that comes to you in the moment. You can also anonymously submit your story using this link.

Blessings and positives vibes to you.

Your fav,

Aus’ Agnes

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